About Us

Unity and Cultural Diversity Council (UCDC) is a South African registered Non Profit Organization in terms of the NPO Act 1997. The organization was founded by young vibrant author and leader Thabang waga Tjale with his co-founders Thapelo Masopoga, and therefore registered in 2012 with the aim of uplifting the standard of living in historically disadvantaged communities through arts, education and leadership. In the organization's management structure, we have professional artists, University and College students. All the members of organization are team players, art and leadership enthusiasts, and dedicated professionals who pride themselves with excellence.

UCDC introduce and recruit alumni associations in secondary schools and FET colleges and therefore assist them in making developments within their schools and community. The idea came after realizing the great impact the associations have made in the Tertiary Institution level. We therefore raise funds to assist our Alumni associations with their projects or activities implemented to support and develop the educational structure in historically disadvantaged communities. We are leadership enthusiasts and working towards maintaining active secondary alumni associations. UCDC serves as the umbrella body of South African Secondary Alumni Associations.

Mission Statement

To contribute to the projects of Alumni Associations and its learners through improvement and development of curricula and programs, provision of material support and enhancing networking and career development as well as achievement of cultural diversity among the alumni associations, school learners, educators and the community.

Associates & Sponsors

Tiego Creative Writers

Youth In Action

National Arts Council of South Africa

National Youth Development Agency

Our Work

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Entrepreneurial Development Challenge

Entrepreneurial Development Challenge is a youth business empowerment program

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Literature Workshops

Inability to write and creatively express the practice of art has

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Recruit Alumni Associations

UCDC introduce and recruit alumni associations in secondary schools and

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Career Expo and Motivations

We provide motivation to learners at free cost


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