We pride ourselves with excellence

The historically disadvantaged communities within South Africa are still challenged with lack of access to relevant information and resources. It is difficult for community members to establish development projects without access to information that could assist them get started. Our schools are challenged with lack of resources unlike in urban areas whereby resources are distributed every day.

We took into cognizance major impact Alumni Associations plays in tertiary institutions in terms of educational development and community building and therefore we came up with an idea to introduce and recruit Alumni Associations in secondary schools. These are the associations of matriculated students and will contribute effectively in educational development, information sharing, fund-raising and utilization of resources.

We are young visionary enthusiastic leaders who pride themselves with excellence. We understand the difficulties disadvantaged communities are going through and that has been the reason we found Unity and Cultural Diversity Council. We do no implement projects that has been presented to the community and never worked, because we are innovative and creative enough to make repetitions. We highly respect our funders by ensuring that our projects are unique and very useful to communities, and change lives of members of the community for better. Indeed we pride ourselves with excellence.

Our Work

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Entrepreneurial Development Challenge

Entrepreneurial Development Challenge is a youth business empowerment program

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Literature Workshops

Inability to write and creatively express the practice of art has

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Recruit Alumni Associations

UCDC introduce and recruit alumni associations in secondary schools and

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Career Expo and Motivations

We provide motivation to learners at free cost


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